“Hey Google, talk to Twisted Sherlock Holmes”

Sherlock Holmes - Interactive Story

Choose your storyline and play your favourite character, this is interactive Sherlock Holmes!

Which crime scene should you investigate next? Who is the real culprit? These are the questions you get to answer as you explore the mystery surrounding the Blue Carbuncle and a notorious group called the Red Headed League. 

Twisted Adventures allows you to take on the roles of different characters and live the story from their points of view. You choose how the story goes; but think twice because they can lead to interesting endings. 

Be ready to be totally immersed in the story thanks to beautiful illustrations and captivating sound work. Interact with the story through voice commands; this Action unlocks a completely new reading experience.  

Story includes:
  • Multiple choices and alternative endings
  • Possibility to play as Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, James Ryder and Vincent Spaulding
  • Professional voice acting
  • Immersive music
  • Stunning visuals and animations
  • Flawless sound effects


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