Our Mission

At Grabbit, our mission is to help children (and children at heart) fall in love with reading by combining the best of e-books, audiobooks, and videogames to create an experience that is new and exciting.

We want to make reading cool again – while helping both children and their parents deepen their love for storytime.

Founded in 2014, by CEO and game designer Jarek Beksa, Grabbit is pioneering voice game development – we are the only development studio in New Zealand creating games for Google Assistant and we hope to share the potential of this immersive new multimodal medium with the world.

Grabbit’s fresh take on storytelling uses professional voice acting, appealing visuals, sound effects and music in order to reimagine traditional stories in an accessible, engaging way.

Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales is Grabbit’s first story project, which allows players to build their own versions of classic stories. Twisted Tales allow players to not only take on the role of Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel, but also the Big Bad Wolf or the Evil Witch, experiencing the stories from their point of view!

Twisted Tales educate and entertain, all the while stimulating a child’s imagination. This was recognised by Dr Jannie van Hees from the New Zealand Council for Educational Research, who says that Twisted Tales can teach children reading, writing, listening and risk management skills, as well as decision-making.

Our Team

Production Team

Jarek BeksaProject Lead / Sound Design
Sara ChinProject Manager
Richard DurhamArt Director
Jeong So JeonLead Programmer
Sven HagedornProgrammer
Tjeu VreeburgProgrammer
Radek DomanskiProgrammer
Damon JenkinsProgrammer
Mike BloemendalStudio Recording / Editing
Jerome LonghurstContent Marketing / Video Editing
Janet AngAnimator
Brian KimAnimator
Greg JonasWriter
John McCormickWriter
Nick JonesWriter
Stuart WhittakerProject manager / Illustrator
Tyler ParkinsonAnimator / Illustrator
Paige WilliamsUI / Website / Illustrator
Adam FydaIllustrator
Carolina RequenaIllustrator
Eva HuIllustrator
Gary PlummerIllustrator
Sofia VerginaIllustrator
Sophia RawsonIllustrator
Ewa CiałowiczIllustrator
Caroline Tompkins Research Support


Amir YusoffKaa, Renfield
Cameron RhodesWatson, Dracula
Chris HowdenDr Van Helsing, Mad Hatter
Dean YoungSherlock Holmes
Dave AutovinoCheshire Cat
Ethan GaoMowgli
Fin WrightPrince Judah
Grace AllisAlice, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
John SweetmanNarrator, Harold
Marissa StottMina
Mike BloemendalCaptain Obed Marsh + more
Mylo StokeMankad
Patrycja PiastaCinder
Rebecca BloemendalGuard
Richard DurhamBill the Lizard, Zadok
Sarah McilwraithLucy, Evil Step Mother
Summer VanderburgSheelah
Tom ClarkeWhite Rabbit, Jonathan Harker
Sara ChinMiss Meyers
Jarek BeksaVillager


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